Readiness and Plans Division

The  Plans and Programs Division guides Department of the Air Force mortuary affairs and honor guard program development and policy oversight, directs the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Commander Inspection Program and leads Unit Types Code posturing, exercises, readiness, plans and training programs for national crisis and mass fatalities. The division is comprised of four primary sections: Education and Training, Readiness, Honor Guard Program Management and Internal and External Inspections.

The Education and Training section oversees the training and development of AFMAO civilian and military employees.  In this section, the Unit Training Manager plans and executes Force Support Contingency Training-Mortuary.  Education and Training liaises with various outside agencies, such as the Eaker Center at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, to ensure AFMAO members attend mission essential training (Contingency War Planner’s Course, Basic Military Mountaineer Course) as well as the execution of the Mortuary Officer and Technician course.

The Readiness section serves as the readiness and mortuary functional expert for Headquarters Air Force Services Directorate, supporting a variety of Air Force and Department of Defense exercises, operations, planning engagements and events. The section maintains responsibility for updating mortuary UTCs while overseeing the deployment reception and redeployment process for approximately 60 members tasked to deploy to AFMAO annually. They provide training and contingency guidance through oversight of unit, Major Command, Headquarters Air Force and joint-level mortuary plans. Additionally, the Readiness section executes an internal exercise program, preparing AFMAO for mass fatality incident response and continuity of operations procedures.

The Honor Guard Program Management section provides management oversight, policy, guidance and support to Air Force-wide Honor Guard programs. They coordinate with the Air Force Honor Guard at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C., to develop curriculum, direct and instruct three Honor Guard Program Managers courses annually. The Honor Guard Program Management section leads 141 total force units who deliver more than 40,000 Military Funeral Honors annually. They also serve as the Munitions Functional Manager for HAF A1S, validating and approving more than $1 million in operational assets for funerals, training and ceremonies.

The Internal and External Inspections section oversees AFMAO’s internal Commander’s Inspection Program, preparing the unit for DoD Mortuary Facility inspections and Air Force Inspection Agency Unit Effectiveness Inspections. This section oversees five active and inactive Air Force cemeteries, to include the U.S. Air Force Academy. They ensure standards and measures set forth by the Army National Military Cemeteries are met, as part of the Department of Defense requirement. The Inspections section also manages DAFI 34-160, Mortuary Affairs Program, the mortuary affairs Self-Assessment Communicator within Management Internal Control Toolset and provides mortuary and honor guard policies and support to more than 90 installations worldwide, overseeing a continuous evaluation process which communicates the status of installation programs to MAJCOM Inspector General prior to wing Unit Effectiveness Inspections.


Readiness and Plans oversees the deployment reception and redeployment process for all members tasked to deploy to AFMAO. “Once tasked for deployment, an AFMAO representative will reach out to home-station unit deployment managers to request required pre-deployment documentation. This documentation should be returned to our office NLT 30 days prior to the Required Delivery Date (RDD) of the tasked member.

Pre-Deployment Forms: 
1. AFMAO Pre-Deployment Checklist
2. AFCENT CONUS Reporting Instructions 
3. Medical Qualification for Respiratory Protection 

Unit Type Code (UTC) Management

The Readiness and Plans division maintains responsibility of updating mortuary UTCs, as well as mortuary equipment UTCs.  If you or your leadership have questions regarding the mission capability statement, manning, and equipment associated with these UTCs, please contact us

Mortuary Plan Reviews
Readiness and Plans oversees unit, MAJCOM, HAF and Joint Level Mortuary Plans.  We are here to assist, advise, and guide units with the creation and management of Mortuary Affairs planning.  If your unit would like assistance with Mortuary Plan creation, review or revision, please contact us

Mortuary Officer and Technician Course
This course is currently hosted by the Eaker Center at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. This is a five-day course designed to better prepare Force Support officers and mortuary technicians to handle technical aspects of mortuary affairs.

Force Support Contingency Training-Mortuary (FSCT-M)
FSCT-M is a six-day course which prepares mortuary lead and augmentee UTCs and focuses on: dignified transfer procedures; command, control, and communications; dress and restoration; departures; and support duties for families of the fallen. Readiness and Plans schedules and conducts FSCT-M in accordance with AFI 36-3802, Force Support Readiness Program, for all Reserve personnel postured to the certain mortuary UTCs.  Active duty personnel in certain mortuary UTCs may attend, but reserve members have priority. This TDY is unit-funded and requires the authorization of a rental car. 

All units should respond no later than 60 days prior to training date. Members should allow one day of travel to location and one day from location. Class sizes vary based off DoD COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines. For scheduling concerns, please contact us. For specific concerns about the course curriculum, please e-mail

Cemetery Responsible Official (CRO)
AFMAO oversees five active and inactive Air Force cemeteries, to include the U.S. Air Force Academy.  The primary responsibility of the CRO is to ensure standards and measures set forth by the Office of Army Cemeteries (OAC) are met, which is a Department of Defense requirement.  For scheduling or concerns, please contact us

DAFI 34-160 MICT SAC Functional Area Manager
AFMAO has operational control of DAFI 34-160, Mortuary Affairs Self-Assessment Communicator (SAC) within Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT).  Subject Matter Expert’s from Mortuary Affairs Division, Honor Guard Program, and Cemetery Management are available to answer any questions or concerns, please contact us if you need support.

Pertinent Oversight Authority and the Continual Evaluation Process
AFMAO has Pertinent Oversight Authority for all Department of the Air Force (DAF) Mortuary and Honor Guard Programs.  Our responsibilities include providing oversight for continual evaluation of installation-level Mortuary and Honor Guard programs.  The way we achieve this is through training and constant communication with MAJCOM Inspector General Staff regarding the status of installation programs.  Upon request, AFMAO Experts will conduct a Manning Assisted Visit (MAV).  To request a MAV, please contact us.