Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations

Sacred mission: Pilots bring fallen heroes home May 13, 2013 — Three planes sit on a small section of the runway at Dover Air Force Base and help fulfill the wing's motto: "Deliver!"They aren't the typical big cargo planes like the C-17 Globemaster or the C-5 Galaxy people are accustomed to seeing on the runway here. The Falcons, although smaller in size, have a big mission - they carry sacred cargo - the men MORE

Sacred job at mortuary an honor, dream come true for Lance Cpl. November 7, 2012 — Lance Cpl. Landon Beaty didn't join the Marines to sit behind a desk."My job for the Marine Corps is amphibious assault vehicle crewman ," said Beaty. "Long story short -- I drive a big tank."Less than two years after enlisting, Beaty found himself volunteering for a job he felt was meant for him, a job at the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary MORE

Memories of 9/11 resonate with Dover Port Mortuary staff September 9, 2011 — A decade ago less than a dozen people worked in a modest building that sat on a few acres of land behind the fence at the end of Atlantic Avenue.That's how William Zwicharowski described the facility where the solemn duty of honoring the fallen was performed. Zwicharowski, an embalmer at the time, is one of the few employees who still support this MORE

Navy enlisted morticians offer unique perspective January 12, 2011 — Navy morticians belong to a career field so small, most people don't even know it exists. Yet the job they do - providing dignity, honor and respect for fallen servicemembers - is important, especially for the families of those fallen.Hospital Corpsman Chief William Montague, one of just 15 enlisted morticians in the Navy, is assigned to Air Force MORE

Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations honors America's Fallen December 28, 2010 — In December 2008, Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations was created at Dover Air Force Base, Del., to organize the Air Force's mortuary affairs programs into a streamlined unit for Air Force families and Air Force leadership and create a single chain of command for the operation of the Port Mortuary for all Services and the Joint community. When MORE

Radiologist's off-duty time spent as bug collector extraordinaire December 9, 2010 — While many people spend money and effort keeping creepy crawlers away, one Air Force officer actually goes out and seeks them. On any given night, you might find Lt. Col. Geoffrey Crawley outdoors with a flashlight and bait turning over rocks and searching among the weeds, hunting for another insect to add to his already vast collection.Colonel MORE

Quilts of Valor a comfort for complex wartime emotions August 13, 2009 — In 2003 Catherine Roberts, a midwife by profession and quilter for 25 years from Seaford, wanted to give a wounded soldier a quilt to bring him comfort during his recovery.¬†"We are a nation at war," said Ms. Roberts. "Warriors need something tangible, a physical representation of love, support and remembrance."¬†That simple idea drove Ms. Roberts to MORE

Caring for those who care for the fallen, their families August 12, 2009 — "Dignity, honor, respect for the fallen ... Care, service, support for their families," this is the mantra of the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center and for the men and women who work here it is at the heart of what they do. The unique work takes a lot out of a person physically, emotionally and spiritually but "this is a sacred mission MORE