AFIA rates AFMAO highly effective

  • Published
  • By Christin Michaud
  • AFMAO Public Affairs
The Air Force Inspection Agency team conducted the first Unit Effectiveness Inspection for Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations, Dover Air Force Base, Del., April 7-11.
The inspection, the second for AFMAO, was a review of four Major Graded Areas, which focused on management of resources, improving the unit, leading people and executing the mission.

The MGAs show the Air Force that the unit is a well-run organization, not just in time for an inspection, but rather all the time.

The new inspection system is meant to foster a culture of critical self-assessment, continuous improvement and to reduce the reliance on external inspection agencies.

AFIA reports to the Secretary of the Air Force, and Chief of Staff of the Air Force on the readiness, efficiency, economy and state of discipline of the Air Force.

"What an honorable thing you do here," said Col. Scott Graham, AFIA team chief.

Inspections are graded using a five-tier grading scale: Outstanding, Highly Effective, Effective, Marginally Effective and Ineffective.

AFMAO received an overall Highly Effective rating.

"We did very, very well," said Col. John Devillier, AFMAO commander. "We are the only organization in 18 months to get an outstanding in primary mission.

Capt. Walt Wingard, AFMAO's inspector general, was recognized for his work in overseeing the program, a job requiring a grade waiver as it is typically reserved for a field grade officer. Wingard was selected as a superior performer and presented an Inspector General coin for his work preparing for and serving as a focal point for the inspection.

"You did an outstanding job," said Graham. "I want to recognize that and say thank you."
Senior Master Sgt. Brian Denny, Port Mortuary superintendent, was also presented a coin and named a superior performer, for what Graham called, "the muscle" behind Wingard's plans. Graham said from what he understood, from everything Captain Wingard has done, Denny's been the muscle behind it.

"Their success was because you pushed them forward and got them moving and got them on track," said Graham.

Other superior performers included: Gail Reed-Atoh, Resiliency Team program manager; Tech. Sgt. Jill Swanson, Education and Training NCO in charge; Tech. Sgt. Stephen Hayes, Knowledge Operations NCOIC; Robin Vitale, Command, Control and Communication manager; Master Sgt. Star Hoffland, Readiness NCOIC; Christin Michaud, Mortuary Public Affairs specialist; Capt. Jason Christie, Port Mortuary operations officer; and Mel Spera, Port Mortuary specialist.

Graham also presented three team awards. C3, Plans and Programs Branch and the Mortuary Affairs Entitlements Branch teams were all recognized by the AFIA team for their support of the mission.

AFMAO's performance and support of caring for the fallen and their families was evident to the inspection team, said the commander.

"Hats off to all of you -- that includes our deployed team," said Devillier. "It is difficult to come into an organization for six months and get inspected. You should all be very proud of what you have done."