AFMAO organizational emblem designated

By Christin Michaud | AFMAO Public Affairs | July 16, 2014

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. — An Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations emblem was approved July 15, 2014 by the Air Force Historical Research Agency's Organizational History Branch, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

The emblem, or official shield, approved in accordance with AFI 84-105, "Organizational Lineage, Honors and Heraldry," replaces a seal created when AFMAO stood up as a named activity in January 2009.

After becoming a Field Operating Agency May 1, AFMAO was authorized an approved organizational emblem like that of a wing, said Capt. Jason Christie, AFMAO port mortuary operations officer and project officer for the new emblem.

"Through working with the experts at the Air Force Historical Research Agency and the Army's Institute of Heraldry, I believe the subtle changes to this emblem and the thoughtful meaning behind each element best represent AFMAO's sacred mission to provide Dignity, Honor and Respect to our fallen and Care, Service and Support to their families," said Christie.

After more than three years of honing a proposed product, the official emblem was approved and ready for use just months after AFMAO was authorized as a FOA.

"Having an official emblem is significant," said Lt. Col. David Kretz, AFMAO deputy commander. "We've been permanently recognized within the Air Force heraldry and history. More importantly, the emblem is representative of those we serve, as well as those who accomplish the mission."

AFMAO's emblem is symbolic of the sacred mission. The folded flag is a reminder of the symbol of life and the commitment to the care, service and support for families of the fallen. The headstones represent the dignity, honor and respect afforded to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the nation. The "Missing Man" formation honors the fallen and represents the nation's everlasting watch and remembrance for those who are no longer with us.