Pole sleeves enhance safety

  • Published
  • By by Christin Michaud
  • AFMAO Public Affairs
Several safety poles designed to keep vehicles from damaging the mortuary facility were modified Aug. 25 to enhance safety.

The poles made from concrete were covered with safety yellow pole sleeves made from high-strength plastic poly color which will maintain its color for approximately 5 years and eliminate the need to repaint them every year.

The brighter poles serve as a visual aid for drivers and also a protective barrier preventing damage to vehicles if they come in minimal contact with the poles, said Jim Quinn, Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations logistics manager.

The poles were also marked with red reflective strips to increase visibility, a major improvement to the older, faded concrete poles.

"AFMAO is always thinking of better ways to make facility, assets and people safer," said Quinn.

The new poles mean lower maintenance for AFMAO. The 41 poles have been painted annually for the last 5 years with additional updates as needed from contact or chipping.

"The poles are doing what they are supposed to do," said Quinn. "We are just making them more visual and safer with a uniform neat appearance."

The emphasis on safety is just one measure AFMAO can take in the Voluntary Protection Program AFMAO.

Currently in stage two of the process, AFMAO's strengths are the positive safe culture, employee involvement opportunities and a good working relationship with the host wing and supporting personnel," said Gail Reed-Attoh, resiliency program manager.

The leadership is also committed to employee safety and health, she added.

"Everyone has a responsibly to stay observant, follow standardized and documented practices and take steps to rectify unsafe situations," said Reed-Attoh.

The next step for AFMAO is to continue to raise awareness about VPP and communicate information to the work force.

Steps like adding the pole covers demonstrate that plans are being put into action as AFMAO continues to ensure a culture of safety.