AFMAO kick starts their week positively

  • Published
  • By Jason Minto
  • Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations

The resiliency team at Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations recently introduced Mondation.  Mondation, held on Mondays, which is a resiliency class designed to kickstart the week positively. It consists of three parts: motivation to inspire and energize, goal setting and affirmations to create purpose and dedication through prayer for unity and guidance. The session concludes with meditation for relaxation and focus. Mondation aims to counter the "Manic Monday Mindset" and set the team on a positive and anchored path for the week ahead, according to Capt. Benjamin Quintanilla Jr., Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations senior chaplain.

“I really enjoyed all the components of Mondation,” said Staff Sergeant Loubert Exavier, Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Dress and Restoration specialist. “I am becoming a better version of myself.”

The resiliency team is passionate about creating and providing programming to enhance the mortuary team's spiritual, mental, social and physical resilience. The mortuary personnel include deployed service members, permanent party military and civilian workers. The resiliency team includes two chaplains, a religious affairs airman, a mental health technician and a military family life counselor. Their primary mission is to provide compassionate grief care and support to families of fallen service members and civilians as they come to Dover to witness the dignified transfer of their loved ones, but they also support the men and women who carry out this sacred mission.