Air Force Mortuary Affairs Division

Dec. 9, 2016


Air Force Mortuary Affairs has been attached to many organizations over the years but was most recently a division of the Air Force Services Agency, San Antonio, Texas from 1993 until Dec. 15, 2008, when Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations was established as a named activity operating under the Director of Air Force Services, Headquarters Air Force, Washington, D.C. The new organization was activated Jan. 6, 2009 and shortly thereafter, the Air Force Mortuary Affairs staff transferred from the Air Force Services Agency to join the new organization at the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs, Dover AFB, Del. AFMAO became a Field Operating Agency May 1, 2014. 

The Mortuary Affairs Division mission is broad in scope with worldwide oversight in ensuring dignity, honor and respect in the current deaths of Airmen and their dependents; Air Force civilian employees and their dependents; and Air Force Retirees and their dependents and providing care, service and support to their families. This mission also includes those Airmen who died in our past conflicts during the Korean War, Cold War era and Vietnam War whose remains have yet to be recovered, identified and returned to their families, allowing the Air Force and our nation honor their service and sacrifice. 

The Air Force Mortuary Affairs Division operates under the direction of the AFMAO commander and deputy commander. In carrying out the mission, Mortuary Affairs personnel provide around the clock availability to Headquarters Air Force, Air Force MAJCOMs and Installation Mortuary Officers and Technicians to ensure immediate and continued support is provided to fallen Airmen and their families. In addition to the Air Force mission, they have provided support when called upon in times of national crisis or natural disasters.

The Mortuary Affairs Division is comprised of the Entitlements Branch and the Past Conflicts/Contingency Response Branch.