Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations

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How to live life January 30, 2015 — There's a poster hanging at my desk entitled "How to Live Life According to Capt. Brandon Cyr."  On this poster are six simple suggestions for living life to its fullest, and while there have been many who have offered similar lists, this one is special.It's special because this list comes not from the former aerial refueling pilot who was MORE

Mortuary mission part of Dover’s silent history November 17, 2014 — Dover Air Force Base, Delaware has been in existence since 1948, and its mission today is to: safely fix and fly aircraft, prepare and deploy people, move cargo and to return America's fallen heroes with dignity, honor and respect. Dover AFB is home to the Department of Defense's only port mortuary, the returning point for those brave souls who MORE

Commander shares why he volunteered for mortuary position September 17, 2014 — There aren't many circumstances where a colonel gets a vote on their next assignment. Granted, we can let our boss know our desires and communicate special needs, but at the end of the day, the needs of the Air Force come first. Senior Air Force leaders select the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations commander through an interview process. I was MORE

Chaplain reflects on mission this Memorial Day May 23, 2014 — "Honorable." That was the word used to describe the kind of work I would be involved in at Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. It made sense, so I began to use it. When people would ask me where I was deploying, and I answered, they would usually say something like, "Oh. That will be tough." I would say, "True, MORE

Captain honored to escort fallen Vietnam hero home May 8, 2014 — I began my career 15 years ago as a maintainer launching aircraft with wide eyes and supreme confidence. Aircraft coming and going was normal to me and had been since I was a child when my father was in the Air Force. As I grew into the job, the importance of our work was constantly on the minds of everyone around me. It was our responsibility to MORE

Leadership about opportunity and desire November 22, 2013 — As I watched my Pittsburgh Pirates have an amazing season this year, I came across an article about their manager, Clint Hurdle. Each day, Hurdle sends out an email with a thought of the day to a list of around 1,000 people that's still growing. He signs them, "Make a difference today. Love, Clint." I couldn't help but think of how that simple MORE

The difficult discussion April 17, 2013 — Death is a subject that all too often no one wants to talk about until there is no option. Usually we only discuss it when confronted with death due to the loss of a family member, friend or co-worker. We are a unique group of people here. We face death each time we walk through the doors of the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs in MORE

Broadcaster shares experience of dignified deployment December 6, 2012 — Before servicemembers leave on deployments, we're given months, even years, of training to prepare for it. We're taught to use weapons, to scan an area with vigilant eyes, to drive unfamiliar vehicles through equally strange terrain, even how to save a buddy's life if the time comes. None of that training could have prepared me for my first MORE

AFMAO chaplain shares insight into art of family June 11, 2012 — The story is told of a young boy assigned to write a theme paper for school. His subject was his own family and so with pencil in hand he decided to start at the very beginning by asking his mother, "Mom, how was I born?" The mother, hoping to delay that subject as long as possible, simply replied, "The stork brought you." He then moved into the MORE

Sacred Mission: Broadcaster shares experience in honoring the fallen May 10, 2012 — I could hear the voice over the two-way radio call out "wheels rolling." That was everyone's cue to get into position and not move. Everyone was at parade rest waiting for the families to arrive. I was nervous - more nervous than at any point in my military career. My heart was pounding so loud I was sure everyone on the flight line could hear it. MORE

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